Prices & Formats

Custom covers start at $260. This gives you the eBook version of the cover with one character.
Additional characters are $30 each.
Premades are individually priced. Simply select the premade you want, to see the price.
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eBook Cover
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Physical Books
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Custom Cover Details

Custom covers start at $260. This gives you the eBook version of the cover with one character.
Additional characters are $30 each.
4 revisions.
Word Doc with links to all the licenses for all the individual images and fonts used on your cover.
Any images used from Deposit Photos are included in the price.
Any existing 3D renders used from various shops are included in the price. (If a custom render is required, the cost will be passed on and may affect the time it takes to complete the cover.)
Any in-house custom renders used are included in the price. (If a specific DAZ asset I don't own is required, the cost will be passed on.)
Initial concept delivered within 3 business days.

Nonfiction Covers

Nonfiction covers are $300 for the eBook format

Additional Formats / Marketing Images

Paperback full wrap /cover - $50 (Extra paperback full wraps for different PoD companies $10)
Audiobook cover - $30
Ingram Hardback cover with sleeve - $50
KDP Hardback cover - $60
3D paperback image of your book (with or without spine, but no back) on a transparent background - $20
Digital reader image of your book on a transparent background - $20
Social media header banners based on your cover (eg Facebook page / group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Patreon, YouTube) - $25 each
Social media posts in various sizes (inc Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) - $25 each
Image ad (eg Facebook, Bookbub etc) - $25 each
3D Boxset with 3+ books (only available when I've done all the paperback full wraps) - $50
Wallpaper (for your computer background screen) - $25
Postcards - $25
Animated eBook cover - $25
Website or other banner not based on your cover will depend on the amount of work - please ask me for a quote if you need this
Rush job fee (provided I have availability and you respond quickly with feedback) - cover within 5 business days - $150


A full page custom title page graphic you can use as your title page inside your book, instead of the standard text based one (only available if I've created your cover.) - $20
The Gunman Wastelander Custom Title Page
Custom Title Page

Other Services

Cover Layouts

I also offer a Cover Layout service, for those authors who have a favorite illustration artist and just need the typography to turn the artwork into a finished book cover.

Please message me for details.

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As you'll see from my testimonials, my clients love working with me because I'm easy to work with, communicate well and deliver on time, like you'd expect any professional to do.
Born in England, I now live in Florida, USA with my husband. I've traveled the world, living in Europe and Asia. I've had my own bestselling non-fiction book, as well as fiction books, so I've seen both sides of the cover design process.
I believe authors should be able to give their books every possible chance to succeed, with a cover that attracts readers and meets the reader's expectations for the genre.
That's why I created Arcane Covers - to help you make your book shine.
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