Premade Book Covers

Welcome to the premade covers shop.
Each cover is only for sale once - I NEVER resell a premade, however they’re still shown in the portfolio below with the status of “Sold”, so you can see the types and quality of my premade covers.

Why You Want A Premade Book Cover

You need a cover for your awesome story - one that will sell your book. I know you probably aren’t working with a huge war chest to spend on a book cover, formatting, marketing, and everything else that’s needed to publish a book. Not everyone can afford $500-$1,500 just for a cover. Most people can't, especially right now. So, if you're one of those people, premade book covers are a perfect solution.
What you need is a cover that will help, rather than hurt, your sales. I’ve done my research and I know what sells in the genres I work in. I focus on creating good quality premades at a reasonable price that will appeal to your future readers and help you get book sales. If that sounds like what you want, check out my gallery below. I’d love to help.

Premade Book Covers, Fantasy and More...

Below you'll find premade fantasy book covers, for sub-genres like dark fantasy & urban fantasy, as well as paranormal romance premade covers.
Occasionally I'll release a premade book cover series, but for the most part I only do single covers, then the follow up books in the series are done via custom book covers.

How Premades Work

Once you've bought the cover you want, you'll be directed to a form to fill out the details for the text. You can either choose to have me change the text before I send you the final cover, or you can get the cover now with the branded text on so you can use it for inspiration as you write, then come back to me when you're ready to finalize the text.
You can also add the audiobook and / or paperback full wrap

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  • Harper A Brooks
    I fell in love with one of Karen's premade covers during an event and loved it so much, we made it into an epic trilogy, one I'm excited to release. Karen is so easy to talk to and very talented. She'll make your amazing story the cover it deserves.
    Harper A Brooks (USA Today  Bestselling Author)
  • Sean Oswald

    Karen’s work leapt up and ignited my imagination. It was as if she had been peeking at the images in my head of the main character in a series I wanted to write. The image evokes all the emotion that I could hope for. Beyond that her service was super fast, responsive to any questions I had and if I do say so, great value for the dollar.

    Sean Oswald
  • author Troy Osgood
    Karen was a joy to work with. Quick to respond to questions and changes and open to suggestions. Will use again.
    Troy Osgood
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Hi! My name is Karen Dimmick.
I've loved fantasy and magic for as long as I can remember & have been in the publishing industry for nearly a decade.
I know how important is it for a book to look its best, and for potential readers to be able to tell at a glance it's a book they'll enjoy. Without that, even great stories go unread.
As you'll see from my testimonials, my clients love working with me because I'm easy to work with, communicate well and deliver on time, like you'd expect any professional to do.
Born in England, I now live in Florida, USA with my husband. I've traveled the world, living in Europe and Asia. I've had my own bestselling non-fiction book, as well as fiction books, so I've seen both sides of the cover design process.
I believe authors should be able to give their books every possible chance to succeed, with a cover that attracts readers and meets the reader's expectations for the genre.
That's why I created Arcane Covers - to help you make your book shine.
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