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I work with Fantasy and Paranormal books. To help you see covers in your genre, I've created individual genre-specific portfolios for you to look at. This will help you know whether I'm the right designer for you, as you'll be able to see covers that work in your genre, without distractions from covers in unrelated ones.
To access the genre portfolio you wan to see, simply click on the name of the genre. To see my full portfolio, simply scroll down.
I create covers for the following genres: I don't do Horror, Thrillers, Children's books, Historical Romance or Nonfiction. For anything else, feel free to ask me.
I also do fantasy character cards and bookmarks for use at conferences, merchandise and marketing materials like bookmarks.

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  • Elizabeth Hunter
    Karen was a joy to work with for my new book! Her enthusiasm, vision, and flexibility ensured that I’ll be coming back to Arcane Covers in the future.
    Elizabeth Hunter,  USA Today  Bestselling Author
  • Kevin McLaughlin
    Karen was a pleasure to work with and delivered a cover that was even better than I’d imagined. I will definitely work with her again and strongly recommend her to other authors!
    Kevin McLaughlin,  USA Today  Bestselling Author
  • Jason Nugent
    Karen was the absolute best! Super responsive and fast, I highly recommend Arcane Covers. I've gotten a ton of compliments on their work and I'm proud to say where I got it. Give them a shot!
    Jason J Nugent,  USA Today  Bestselling Author
  • Harper A Brooks
    I fell in love with one of Karen's premade covers during an event and loved it so much, we made it into an epic trilogy, one I'm excited to release. Karen is so easy to talk to and very talented. She'll make your amazing story the cover it deserves.
    Harper A Brooks,  USA Today  Bestselling Author
  • Emma Alisyn
    Thoroughly enjoyed working with Karen. She is highly communicative at each step of the design process, and delivered a marketable cover that beautifully encapsulated my story. Excited to work with her again.
    Emma Alisyn
  • Eve Newton
    This is the first time I’ve worked with Karen and she was fantastic. The turnaround on my premade titling was really quick and she was a doll when I needed to change the subtitle after the final copy was sent to me. Will definitely work with Karen again.

    Eve Newton,  USA Today  Bestselling Author
  • Evelyn Shine
    I am thrilled with my cover from Arcane Covers. Karen was an absolute treat to work with and made every step of the process fun. I already have three more planned and can’t wait to see the results.
    UPDATE: I haven't even gotten a chance to do all the AMS ads stuff yet, but I'm making $2 for every $1 spent and my KU reads have gone from flat line to sky rocket. I already have read through in a week. In the 5 days the ads have been live I've gotten over 2k page reads, sold 6 books and my ranking on the first book jumped from 15k to below 3k in ranks. It's been a huge improvement.
    Evelyn Shine
  • Elle Bouchard
    Karen is fantastic! I love the back-and-forth process we used to design my cover. She took my ideas and turned them into a cover that was so much better than I imagined. She's easy-going and incorporated my thoughts, even when I changed my mind about things. She was also quick - the entire process took less than a day from beginning concept to finished product. I can't imagine anyone else designing my covers.
    Elle Bouchard
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Hi! My name is Karen Dimmick.
I've loved fantasy and magic for as long as I can remember & have been in the publishing industry for nearly a decade.
I know how important is it for a book to look its best, and for potential readers to be able to tell at a glance it's a book they'll enjoy. Without that, even great stories go unread.
As you'll see from my testimonials, my clients love working with me because I'm easy to work with, communicate well and deliver on time, like you'd expect any professional to do.
Born in England, I now live in Florida, USA with my husband. I've traveled the world, living in Europe and Asia. I've had my own bestselling non-fiction book, as well as fiction books, so I've seen both sides of the cover design process.
I believe authors should be able to give their books every possible chance to succeed, with a cover that attracts readers and meets the reader's expectations for the genre.
That's why I created Arcane Covers - to help you make your book shine.
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