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Hi! My name is Karen Dimmick.
I've loved fantasy and magic for as long as I can remember & have been in the publishing industry for nearly a decade.
I know how important is it for a book to look its best, and for potential readers to be able to tell at a glance it's a book they'll enjoy. Without that, even great stories go unread.
As you'll see from my testimonials, my clients love working with me because I'm easy to work with, communicate well and deliver on time, like you'd expect any professional to do.
Born in England, I now live in Florida, USA with my husband. I've traveled the world, living in Europe and Asia. I've had my own bestselling non-fiction book, as well as fiction books, so I've seen both sides of the cover design process.
I believe authors should be able to give their books every possible chance to succeed, with a cover that attracts readers and meets the reader's expectations for the genre.
That's why I created Arcane Covers - to help you make your book shine.
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